TPM Preferred Producer Network

There are a limited number of producers appointed to sell TPM Trust products, you will have a competitive advantage.

Your Competitive Advantage:

  • Best-in-class rates
  • Large Network Partners with excellent claims discounts
  • Integrated platform for Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, STD, and other products all on one bill.

TPM Trust’s Current Vendors and Carriers


Premera Blue CrossWA/ID/WYpremera.com800-722-1471
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MontanaMONTANAbcbsmt.com855-258-3489


VSP Signature Network (800) 877-7195


Delta Dental  www.deltadentalwa.comCustomer Service Email(800) 554-1907

How to Become a Preferred Producer of TPM Trust Products

TPM Trust consultant, Alliant Insurance Services, manages the Preferred Producers.

Get in contact with them to start a conversation on how you can add TPM Trust products to your toolkit.

Maintaining Active Producer

Active status (able to quote new business) comes with specific minimum requirements.  We want to have producers who are excited to be increasing their books of business and using their unique TPM status as a tool to differentiate themselves from other insurance producers.

  • 4 Complete RFPs per year
  • 1 New group brought to TPM per year
  • Last look on all renewal business
  • Attend in person or virtually annual Preferred Producer training (Mid-June)

Association Membership

In order to be eligible for any TPM Trust insurance products, participating companies must join the TPM Association.  This bonified association provides all-inclusive services in Safety, HR, Business Law, Training, and more.  Member groups should take advantage of all TPM services. Member companies will realize a high ROI on their membership dues when they utilize the expertise the Association brings.

How to submit RFPs
RFP Checklist
TPM Trust RFP Census

New Group Documents
Joinder Agreement (provided at close of sale)
TPM Association application

Renewal Process and Timelines

To keep our renewal process tight, the Underwriter reviews experience over the prior nine months. This generally means you have renewals 60-70 days before the effective date for the group. In order to assure continuity of coverage, renewal documents are expected 30 days before effective dates, with a minimum 10-days-notice required for terminations.

Renewal Documents

  • PEA  (with each proposal and renewal comes a page where specific plans and rates can be signed off on.
  • If the renewal is correct, without changes, the renewal is only two pages.
  • Association, review group size, EIN numbers, etc. …

Experience Reports for groups over 100 enrolled

Once a participating company has three-consecutive months, of over 100 subscribers enrolled in the TPM Trust medical plan, producers may request to receive their Claims by the month and Large Claims over $50k.  

Most associations do not release any experience reports, but we understand as a Producer you need to be able to consult with your groups and help them understand the continued value the TPM Trust brings to them.  

We do not rate our Dental or Vision products, they are priced to break even, so we do not share any experience reports on those lines of coverage.

Membership Eligibility Portal Training

Once a group has been added to our Enrollment system, a virtual training will be shared with them and access to our website will be granted.  With this ability to add, edit, or term groups have the ability to make sure all enrollment guidelines are followed – and groups no longer may opt-out of our random enrollment audits (This is an OIC requirement of our Trust).  

If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist your member companies with these steps.

TPM Trust files 1095b’s on behalf of member companies. Form is still the group’s responsibility.

The TPM Trust pays all PCORI fees annually.

The TPM Trust contracts with Rehn & Associates for COBRA Administration for all lines of coverage it provides.

Self-administered COBRA is an option but discouraged as we see it generally creates poor member experiences.

The TPM Trust will pay the commissions YOU decide.  All commissions are line-itemed on each monthly invoice.  The TPM Trust is very transparent on commissions.  

No overrides or other incentives are paid.

The TPM Trust does not allow any cross-selling of current groups. 

If a member company is dissatisfied with a current producer and wishes to change its representative, we may recommend another preferred producer option.  

This is a last resort, as resolving any issues or concerns is our first priority.