Safety first for every business! It can save you a fortune!

Health and safety is a necessary part of every business today. A solid Workplace Safety Program translates into savings in lives, injuries and dollars. Therefore, preventing safety problems is the ultimate goal. TPM offers proactive approaches to meeting businesses’ everyday health and safety needs. TPM provides health, safety and industrial hygiene expertise to help members evaluate all aspects of their workplace safety, including:

  • Safety Audits

  • Online Training Programs

  • Representation at OSHA Hearings

  • Written Safety & Health Programs

  • Sound Level Readings/Dosimetry

  • Workers’ Compensation Issues

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

  • Ergonomics, and much more.

OSHA Training Grants

TPM is the recipient of several Susan Harwood OSHA Training Grants and has developed training courses regarding Combustible Wood Dust and Logging Safety and Sawmill Safety. Contact us for more information.

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