Safety Program Samples (Written)

The TPM Safety Program Sample Documents listed in this library are for the use of any member company.

Not all subjects are relevant to every company. Your program should include all subjects that are relevant to your company.

Please be advised the documents must be adapted to your specific facility.

Areas highlighted in yellow should be changed to your specific staff or procedures.

Safety Program Sample Documents

Item Name

Accident Investigation Program
DOCX (260.21 KB)

Bloodborne Pathogens
DOCX (222.92 KB)

Combustible Dust
DOCX (157.65 KB)

Combustible Dust (SHIP Grant Program DOL)
DOCX (214.03 KB)

Crane Safety Program
DOCX (509.99 KB)

Emergency Action Plan
DOCX (698.66 KB)

DOCX (424.03 KB)

Fall Prevention
DOCX (422 KB)

Fire Safety
DOCX (532.64 KB)

Forklift Safety
DOCX (673.55 KB)

General Safety Program
DOCX (566.72 KB)

DOCX (481.47 KB)

Hearing Conservation
DOCX (450.56 KB)

Hot Work
DOCX (1.08 MB)

Lockout/Tagout Program
DOCX (257.2 KB)

Outdoor Heat Exposure
DOCX (455.45 KB)

Sample Response Plan Tool Kit for COVID

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
DOCX (476.78 KB)

Protective Footwear Policy
DOCX (262.96 KB)