Safety Posters

TPM Safety Posters

TPM Members may download and print the Safety Posters in our Library or contact for a paper copy to be mailed to you.

We all need reminders to be diligent were safety is concerned. These posters can help your team remember to work safe.

Item Name
Safety Key
10 Safety Tips
Pedestrian Safety
Combustible Dust Hazards
PDF (490 KB)
Stop One . . .
PDF (430 KB)
PPE on the Job
PDF (592 KB)
PDF (575.5 KB)
Crane Hand Signal
PDF (981.5 KB)
Extension Ladder Safety
PDF (544 KB)
ProActive Workforce Safety
PDF (686.04 KB)
Commit to Safety
PDF (509.36 KB)
Working Safely Is Like Breathing
PDF (376.77 KB)
Think Before Action
PDF (499.97 KB)
Unsafe Acts Will Keep You In Stitches
PDF (503.86 KB)
Crash into a Nap or Nap into a Crash
PDF (362.85 KB)
Lockout/Tagout Deenergizing PDF (627 KB)
Lockout/Tagout Reenergizing
PDF (641.83 KB)
Space Heater Safety
PDF (390.02 KB)
GHS Labeling at a Glance
PDF (287.58 KB)
Replacing a Guard
PDF (488.76 KB)
Extension Cord Safety
PDF (887.75 KB)
Don't Take Chances with Safety
PDF (306 KB)