Other TPM Programs

Maximize your employee benefits by providing a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).


An FSA allows your employees to pay for eligible medical expenses as well as dependent and childcare expenses on a pre-tax basis.


HRA plans are employer funded medical reimbursement plans where an employer sets aside a specific amount of pre-tax dollars for employees to pay for healthcare expenses on an annual basis. Based on the plan design HRAs can generate significant savings in overall health benefits. HRAs may be designed in many fashions to suit the specific needs of employers and is one of the most flexible types of employee benefit plans.


An HSA plan is a tax-advantaged savings account that is used in combination with a High Deductible Health Plan and gives the employee a new way to manage healthcare costs. The HSA account is funded by pre-tax contributions made by the employee. An employer or third party may also contribute into the account. HSAs can be a great tool to recruit and retain quality employees.

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