Monthly Safety Topics


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JAN Emergency Action Plan
PDF (256.55 KB)

FEB Safety Committee Accident Investigations
PDF (317.9 KB)

FEB Oregon Safety Committee Requirements
PDF (25.65 KB)

FEB Washington Safety Committees Requirements
PDF (63.43 KB)

MAR Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts) PDF (234.45 KB)

MAR Forklift Pre-start Checklist
DOC (254 KB)

MAR Forklift Skill Evaluation Worksheet
DOC (35.5 KB)

MAY GHS Labeling at a Glance Poster
PDF (289.95 KB)

MAY HAZCOM Labeling System
PDF (348.52 KB)

Electrical Sfaety - Arc Flash Overview

MAY HAZCOM Sample Written Program
DOC (37 KB)

MAY HAZCOM Standard 2012
PDF (294.28 KB)

JUN Bloodborne Pathogens Overview
PDF (305.78 KB)

JUN Bloodborne Pathogens Vaccination Election Form
DOC (30 KB)

JUN Bloodborne Pathogens Program Sample
DOC (58.5 KB)

JUL Fall Protection
PDF (196.38 KB)

AUG Confined Space Awareness & Entry
PDF (264.61 KB)

SEP Lockout/Tagout Deenergizing & Reenergizing
PDF (233.79 KB)

SEP Control of Hazardous Energy - LOTO
PDF (215.44 KB)

OCT Ladder Safety
PDF (404.74 KB)

NOV Cold Weather Safe Work
PDF (274.75 KB)

DEC - Personal Protective Equipment
PDF (192.86 KB)

Aerial Lift - Guidelines for Use
DOCX (462.64 KB)

Air Contaminants 1
DOCX (321.22 KB)

Air Contaminants 2
DOCX (402.79 KB)

Electrical - Understanding Arc Flash PDF (324KB)
Bloodborne Pathogens PDF (308 KB)

DOCX (315.72 KB)

Carbon Monoxide
DOCX (1.81 MB)

Chainsaw Safety Awareness (262 KB)

Chemical Protection
DOCX (2.2 MB)

Cold Stress Guide PDF (171KB)

Cold Weather - Snow Days
PDF (268.05 KB)

Cold Work Recognize the Symptoms

Compressed Gases
DOCX (1.43 MB)

Confined Space - What is It: PDF (216KB)
Confined Space Overview

DOCX (1.72 MB)

COVID-19 Protect Yourself and Others (280 KB)

Crane Safety
PDF (317.51 KB)

Driver Safety - Cell Phone Use
DOCX (1.29 MB)

Driving in Poor Conditions (PDF 244KB)
Driver Safety - Driving In Winter Conditions (243 KB)

Driver Safety - Drowsy Driving
DOCX (633.05 KB)

Driver Safety - Seat Belt Use
DOCX (3.7 MB)

Driver Safety - Snow and Ice
DOCX (3.2 MB)

Electrical Safety Arc Flash Overview (PDF 268KB)

Electrical Safety - Arc Flash and Blast
DOCX (1.54 MB)

Electrical Safety - Introduction to Electricity
DOCX (909.27 KB)

Electrical Safety - An Overview
DOCX (988.75 KB)

Emergency Action Plan - An Overview
DOCX (1.64 MB)

Emergency Action Plan - Planning for Emergencies
DOCX (1.53 MB)

Emergency Procedures for Your Company (PDF 205 KB)

Emergency Action Plans - Severe Weather
DOCX (1.78 MB)

Ergonomics - Office
DOCX (1.02 MB)

Ergonomics - An Overview
DOCX (2.85 MB)

Ergonomics - Reducing Hazards
DOCX (925.55 KB)

Ergonomics - Repetitive Motion
DOCX (3.12 MB)

Exits - Designated Paths
DOCX (2.47 MB)

Eye Strain and CVS
DOCX (2.04 MB)

Fall Protection Harness

Fire Extinguisher Safety and Compliance
PDF (94.82 KB)

Fire Extinguishers Types
Fire Fighting at Work (PDF 722KB)

Fire Prevention Plan

Fire Protection - Flammable Liquids
DOCX (2.12 MB)

Flammable & Combustible Liquids - Overview
DOCX (956.46 KB)

Flammable & Combustible Liquids - Storage
DOCX (6.44 MB)

Floor and Wall Openings
DOCX (2.59 MB)

Hand & Portable Power Tools - Abrasive Wheels
DOCX (1.46 MB)

Hand & Portable Power Tools - Chain Saws
DOCX (1.53 MB)

Hand & Portable Power Tools - Hand Tools
DOCX (2.54 MB)

Hand & Portable Power Tools - Powered Tools
DOCX (2.83 MB)

Hand & Portable Power Tools - Small Gas Engine
DOCX (3.29 MB)

Hand Washing
DOCX (460.71 KB)

HAZCOM - Labeling & Labels
DOCX (1.03 MB)

HAZCOM Safety Pictograms (PDF 203KB)

HAZCOM - Physical and Health Hazards
DOCX (1.39 MB)


HAZCOM - Safety Data Sheets
DOCX (949.93 KB)

HAZCOM Safety Data Sheets (PDF 172KB)

HAZCOM - Written Program
DOCX (931.56 KB)

Hazardous Waste
DOCX (1.81 MB)

HAZWOPER - Emergency Response Plan
DOCX (394.1 KB)

HAZWOPER - Overview
DOCX (1.39 MB)

HAZWOPER - Spill Cleanup
DOCX (1.52 MB)

Hearing Conservation (PDF 307KB)
Hearing Protection (PDF 203KB)

Hearing Protection
DOCX (1.98 MB)

Hoists Overhead and Chain Pull (186 KB)

Hot Weather - Heat Related Illnesses
DOCX (2.76 MB)

Hot Weather - Sun Protection
DOCX (1.86 MB)

DOCX (1.05 MB)

Inorganic Arsenic
DOCX (3.1 MB)

Jacks and Jack Stands
DOCX (1.53 MB)

Jacks - Working Under a Vehicle

Job Safety Analysis
DOCX (427.63 KB)

Knife Use and Safety
DOCX (751.48 KB)

Ladders and Stairways
DOCX (1.74 MB)

Ladder Requirements
LASER Welding and Cutting Safety Basics (247 KB)

DOCX (552.85 KB)

Lifting Safely (PDF 192KB)

Lifting Techniques
DOCX (4.18 MB)

Lightning Safety
DOCX (1.17 MB)

Liquid Petroleum Gas - The Basics
DOCX (2.14 MB)

Liquid Petroleum Gases - Handling
DOCX (1.07 MB)

Logging Deck Safety (164 KB)
Logging Safety (307 KB)

LockOut/TagOut De-energizing Equipment
DOCX (1.78 MB)

LockOut/TagOut Overview
DOCX (1.67 MB)

LockOut/TagOut Re-energizing Equipment
DOCX (3.46 MB)

Lyme Disease
DOCX (1.53 MB)

Machine Guarding Be Safe (PDF 294KB)
Machine Guarding Mechanical Hazards

Machine Guarding Overview
DOCX (1.59 MB)

Machine Guarding - Preventing Amputations
DOCX (529.73 KB)

Medical Services & First Aid - Eye Wash/Showers
DOCX (1.24 MB)

Medical Services & First Aid - First Aid
DOCX (1.72 MB)

Medical Services & First Aid - First Aid Kits
DOCX (1012.54 KB)

Medical Services - Be Prepared-Know First Aid
DOCX (4.13 MB)

Medical Services - Reporting an Injured Coworker
DOCX (942.05 KB)

Metalworking Fluids
DOCX (1.39 MB)

Methylene Chloride
DOCX (629.68 KB)

4,4' Methylenedianiline
DOCX (1.08 MB)

OSHA - Inspection Priorities
DOCX (1.95 MB)

PPE - Eye Protection
DOCX (1.1 MB)

PPE - Face Protection
DOCX (1.39 MB)

PPE Fall Arrest (PDF 224KB)
PPE Fall Protection Harness

PPE - Foot Protection
DOCX (1.32 MB)

PPE - Hand Protection
DOCX (1.76 MB)

PPE - Head Protection
DOCX (1.07 MB)

PPE - Hard Hats
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment Overview (PDF 244 KB)
PPE-Personal Protective Equipment (273 KB)

Powered Industrial Trucks - Handling Loads
DOCX (2.08 MB)

Powered Industrial Trucks - Forklift Loads (PDF 208KB)
Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) (PDF 244KB)

Powered Industrial Trucks - Loading and Unloading
DOCX (761.5 KB)

Powered Industrial Truck- Performing an Inspection
DOCX (1.66 MB)

Powered Industrial Truck - Truck Operations
DOCX (216.83 KB)

Powered Platforms
DOCX (1.7 MB)

Pre-trip Tractor Trailer Inspection Procedures (191 KB)

Preventing Mold Growth
DOCX (2.51 MB)

Process Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals
DOCX (1.09 MB)

Propane Refueling Safety (280 KB)

Recordkeeping - Injury and Illnesses
DOCX (605.88 KB)

Respiratory Protection
DOCX (1.1 MB)

Respiratory Protection Plan
PDF (65.58 KB)

Safety Awareness
DOCX (1.33 MB)

Safety Committee (204 KB)

Scaffolding - Using Scaffolds
DOCX (1.86 MB)

Scissor Lift - Inspection Checklist
DOCX (436.59 KB)

Sexual Harassmnet
DOCX (1.63 MB)

Site Security - Employee & Visitor Identification
DOCX (2.03 MB)

Site Security - Entering the Building
DOCX (1003.36 KB)

Site Security Explosives Theft
DOCX (2.47 MB)

Site Security - Suspicious Mail or Packages
DOCX (741.12 KB)

Sleeping Better
DOCX (398.14 KB)

Sling Safety
DOCX (468.83 KB)

Slips, Trips and Falls
DOCX (442.7 KB)

DOCX (550.81 KB)

Spray Booths
DOCX (535.82 KB)

Staying Safe During a Winter Storm (212 KB)

Steam Cleaning
DOCX (379.58 KB)

Stress Management
DOCX (442.5 KB)

Stuck in the Mud? Getting Unstuck

Substance Abuse - An Overview
DOCX (216.15 KB)

Toxic and Hazardous Substances
DOCX (1.28 MB)

Trenching and Excavation Overview
DOCX (1.02 MB)

Trenching Work (PDF 185 KB)

Used Oil
DOCX (1.66 MB)

Ventilation Abrasive Blasting
DOCX (310.4 KB)

Vinyl Chloride
DOCX (358.24 KB)

Walking Working Surfaces
DOCX (386.05 KB)

Warehouse: How Safe is Your Warehouse?
PDF (275.55 KB)

Welding, Cutting and Brazing - Fire Prevention
DOCX (262.86 KB)

Welding, Cutting & Brazing Overview
DOCX (425.78 KB)

Welding, Cutting & Brazing Ventilation
DOCX (307.39 KB)

West Nile Virus
DOCX (325.97 KB)

Whistleblower Protection
DOCX (252.38 KB)

Wire Rope Safety
DOCX (458.56 KB)

Workplace Violence Dos and Don'ts
DOCX (273.2 KB)

Workplace Violence Overview
DOCX (270.06 KB)