Lonesome Dove Concrete Pumping, LLC

Lonesome Dove Concrete Pumping, LLC have a variety of big-boom concrete pumps in Montana, Colorado and Idaho.

​In Montana we have 32, 36, 43, and 52 meter pumps, as well as the TB130 Telebelt,

In Colorado we have 32, 36, 47, 52 and now, 58 meter pumps,

In Idaho we have 28, 36 and 43 meter pumps ready for your project.

The company also uses a 130 foot telescoping conveyor belt, the Telebelt can tackle a variety of tasks.  Place concrete mixes that cannot go through a pump.  Place rock, sand, topsoil for your landscaping or backfill needs.

  • Shirley Houseman, HR
  • (406) 585-8182
  • 1059 Amsterdam Road, Belgrade, MT, 59714