In-House Counsel

Position Description

Title: In-House Counsel

Date: May 2018

Location: Spokane, WA

Position reports to: President


Basic Purpose:

The In-House Counsel is responsible for making recommendations and assisting member companies in Employment Law and Human Resources.

Primary Function/Major Responsibilities:

Within the limits of the bylaws and policies of the TPM organization, it’s President and Board of Directors, In-House Counsel is responsible for, and has commensurate authority to accomplish the fulfillment of such duties set forth below.

  1. To serve as a resource person to members of the association in the areas of employment law and human resources.
  2. To exercise independent judgment in applying technical knowledge to human resources problems or situations presented by the members.
  3. To assist member firms management with research, interpretations, and counseling on the handling of employee relation problems.
  4. To assist member firms with regulatory compliance, investigations, and complaint resolutions.
  5. Provide training to HR staff at TPM on updates in employment law.
  6. Provide and take the lead in the matters involving union organizing, decertification, collective bargaining and employer advocacy (e.g. chief negotiator, advisor during negotiations, advocate in third party dispute resolution, contract clause interpretation, union avoidance advisor, etc.).
  7. To guide, coordinate, and assist employers through pre-litigation preparation and serve as the employers’ advocate in employment hearings, arbitration’s and mitigation involving employment concerns.
  8. Understand all aspects of the drug policies and substance abuse program development and implementation. Provide supervisor training for “reasonable suspicion testing” in concert with other staff.
  9. To assist staff and membership in affirmative action planning, draft program development and implementation while providing a support role for members during audits and on site evaluations conducted by OFCCP.
  10. To be an effective team player and provide assistance as needed to other association staff members in their areas of expertise.
  11. To maintain professional expertise in human resources through educational programs and reading. This includes taking every opportunity to that is available to lecture before or train outside organizations.
  12. Develop, review, and write employee handbooks and personnel manuals as requested by member firms.
  13. To assist members in job description, job analysis, and performance appraisal consideration, development, and design.
  14. To promote and sell “fee for service” programs in the areas of human resource management, employee training, compensation, safety, and/or other areas as directed by the President.
  15. To create a work environment to teamwork and lateral service.
  16. To take ownership of service excellence and offer solutions to achieve positive results.
  17. To enjoy what you do to create a positive, friendly environment.
  18. To follow TPM grooming standards of business casual when in the office.
  19. To be prompt and responsive in your commitments with competence showing your professionalism and dedication.
  20. Report all service problems timely with follow up as to ensure customer satisfaction.
  21. Be respectful of our members and employees time.
  22. To always try to improve TPM to make it a better place to work by as siting other team members and providing a well-organized clean, well maintained work environment.
  23. To build lifetime relationships with our members by providing valued business solutions.
  24. To be an advocate for the wood products industry.
  25. To assist the President in duties as assigned.


Knowledge, skills and experience

  1. JD with at least 2 years of employment law experience.
  2. Must possess ability to:
    1. Communicate both orally and in writing
    2. Consult and advise owners, presidents, managers, supervisors and others as needed
    3. Lecture and lead seminars
    4. Ability to problem solve
    5. Work as a self-starter and maintain confidentiality
    6. Ability to adapt to many different work cultures
    7. Have integrity, pride, trust and be willing to discuss tough issues
  3. Must possess a working knowledge of Human Resources in 5 states
  4. Software proficiency preferred:
    1. MS Office
    2. Maximizer
  5. Must be able to travel at least 35% of the time.


Please email resume to Adam Molenda, President