Legal Services

Legal issues may arise at any company, and they can cost a significant amount of money to correct regulatory violations and avoid litigation.

TPM’s In-House Counsel is available to offer proactive guidance — a sounding board — supporting member company professionals by offering consultation and legal advice to promote sound and just business decisions.

TPM’s In-House Counsel is here to help our members solve their toughest human resource and business challenges, including:

General Business Strategy Counseling

Employment Law

  • Handbooks
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Unions
  • Hiring/Terminations
  • Consultation and advisement on employee situations
  • Employment Law updates

Contract Law

Business Entity Formation or Dissolution



  • Employment Law for Supervisors & Prevention Against Discrimination or Retaliation
  • Top Reasons Employer Companies Get Sued and How to Avoid Litigation
  • Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring
  • Drug Policy and Enforcement
  • On-site or Phone Consultation

Legal Support at Your Fingertips: Connect with the TPM Office

Should the need arise for advice from our In-House Counsel, please do not hesitate to contact the TPM Office.

Please remember that all opinions offered are advisory and should not be construed as legal representation.