Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

A healthy mind and outlook can be as vital to physical health as exercise.

The TPM Employee Assistance Program (EAP) added to your current benefits package is a great value for you and your employees.

Being healthy goes beyond physical exercise and eating right. Emotional wellness, strong personal relationships, and positive attitudes are important building blocks of health that need to be maintained.

The emotional state of employees can have a tangible impact on their productivity at work. In such times, it’s a relief to have someplace to refer your employees to.

In addition to the EAP benefits for your employees and their family members, the TPM EAP includes a supervisory referral process for employee work performance issues.

Supervisors can recommend the program to employees when dealing with discipline issues. The employee can call the EAP for help with substance abuse problems, attitudes and emotional problems, and more.

The TPM Assistance Program can fill that need.

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