Counsel’s Corner

Monthly articles from TPM’s attorney regarding employer issues.

Counsel's Corner
Sex Discrimination/Harassment (PDF 193KB)
Immigration Policy (PDF 313KB)
Job References, Blacklisting and Service Letters (PDF 315KB)
Investigation of Haraasment Claims (PDF 173KB)
Employee Privacy Protections (PDF 209KB)
Reminders for New Hire Procedures (PDF 209KB)
Companies are Eager & Fast to Hire (PDF 300KB)
Preventing Sexual Harassment Best Practices (PDF 148KB)
Evaluating Employment Candidates (PDF 226KB)
Sex Discrimination Covers Gender Identity (PDF 231KB)
Immigration Policy (PDF 210KB)
Conducting Employment Investigations (PDF 238KB)
Questions & Answers - OSHA Edition (PDF 266KB)
Reminders - New Hires
COVID-19 a Disability? (PDF 352KB)
COVID-19 Fast Answers (PDF 183KB)
Sexual Harassment (PDF 175KB)
Vaccine Mandates for Federal Contractors (PDF 160KB)
Fast Answers, Employment: COVID-19 & CARES Act (PDF 237KB)
OSHA Enforcement (PDF 150KB)
Common Questions, Answered (PDF 217KB)
Questions Regularly Asked in April (PDF 183KB)
The American Rescue Plan Act (PDF 199KB)
Law Regarding Payment on Termination (PDF 274KB)
May Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines? (PDF 232KB)
Covid Vaccine and Workplace Requirements (PDF 303KB)
NOV 2020 OR OSHA Virus Protection, Biden to Move Fast, and Pfizer Soars as Vaccine Prevents (PDF 242KB)
OCT 2020 What is You Business Plan in the Evennt of Divorce, Disability, or Death? (PDF 165KB)
SEP 2020 Compliance Strategy to Limit Potential PPP Liability Under False Claims Act (PDF 306KB)
AUG 2020 NLRB New Ruling and Updates (PDF 174KB)
JUL 2020 Reputational Risk (PDF 237KB)
JUN 2020 Title VII Unlawful Employment Practices (PDF 187KB)
MAY 2020 Law Regarding Payment on Termination (PDF 2147KB)
APR 2020 Cares Act Offers (PDF 165KB)
MAR 2020 Covid-19 (PDF 166KB)
FEB 2020 Company Data Security (PDF 198KB)
JAN 2020 Noncompetition Agreements (PDF 232KB)
DEC 2019 Workplace Injury - Slips, Trips, and Falls (PDF 249KB)
NOV 2019 Workers Compensation Outline (PDF 192KB)