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Association Membership Eligibility

Regular Membership in the Timber Products Manufacturers Association is open to all businesses and associations that have a substantial involvement in the timber and wood products industries including:

  • Growing Trees for Harvest
  • Forest and Land Management
  • Logging
  • Sawmills
  • Shaping or Otherwise Processing Wood
  • Manufacturing an End Product Made with Wood
  • Warehousing and Distribution of Wood Products
  • Installation of Wood Products
  • Building Material Supplies Retailing
  • Log Home Manufacturing
  • Advocacy on Behalf of Timber and Wood Products Industries
  • Transportation of Timber and Wood Products
  • Consulting Services to the Timber and Wood Products Industries

Associate Membership may be granted to businesses who are not qualified to be a regular member such as accounting firms, professional service providers and others who sell products or services to regular members, but who are not directly engaged in a traditional timber and wood products industry operation. 

Membership Application

Please call TPM (877) 535-4646 if you have any question regarding your eligibility to participate in the TPM Association.